About the Safer London Business Partnership



The Safer London Business Partnership is a not for profit organisation established in 2013 with the aim of introducing and supporting business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) across the capital.

As the leading BCRP in London, we are at the forefront of the fight against crime and disorder affecting businesses.

All our partnerships are locally managed and locally driven, which facilitates local business crime priorities. These are identified and addressed in close partnership with the business communities, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and local authorities. Local Partnerships are managed by a dedicated Business Crime Reduction Partnership Manager who acts as a single point of contact for our members on business crime related matters. They are supported by a wider Safer London team and a local steering group composed of active business community members.

"Working in partnership with your neighbouring local business and enforcement agencies simply makes sense. Where our restaurants and teams are involved with active, local BCRPs it makes a noticeable difference. We want a BCRP in every locality we operate and support Safer London in pursuit of this objective" Safety Consultant McDonalds.

The Safer London Business Partnership model has been trialled in partnership with the MPS and relevant local authorities. It is endorsed by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and is identified as best practice within the MOPAC Business Crime Strategy 2014-2016.

What do we offer businesses?

For just £10 a week, our members gain a wealth of benefits from being part of the leading experts in business crime. These include:

  • Access to a resilient digital radio network, with a free radio handset offering the opportunity to share real-time intelligence business to business for early intervention and importantly, can be part of your business continuity plan
  • Direct communication to other businesses and the police
  • Access to a 24/7 free secure member’s intelligence platform to securely share real-time intelligence
  • Your membership offers timely messaging on large Public Order events so you can prepare your business and avoid unnecessary damage costs
  • Membership of an exclusion notice scheme for prolific offenders
  • Free intelligence briefings, area meetings and crime awareness training
  • Your £10 includes free business continuity planning which can often cost a business hundreds of pounds in consultancy fees
  • Access to free Counter Terrorism training such as Project Griffin 
  • We can arrange free licensing advisory visits our staff are Best Bar None accredited

Our team will support your business by conducting regular visits, as well as forwarding newsletters and timely alerts via e-mail and social media. We also communicate details of crime trends, important messages from the police and crucial information about protests and major security incidents - being more informed and prepared for these events reduces both the risk of any financial losses and reputational damage to your business.

How do we manage your intelligence?

The Safer London Business Partnership is an industry expert in intelligence sharing and we Information Sharing Protocols with our partners within the Metropolitan Police Service and the British Transport Police.

We always ensure our Partnerships disclosure intelligence under the 8 principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, and within the minimum BCRP standards set by the MPS. We have clear codes of practice in place which allows us to collate, process, exchange and manage all relevant information relating to business crime and anti-social behaviour between business members and the Partnership.

Our members are entitled to receive reports, photographs or other information concerning the activities of offenders whose activities affect their trading environment. The requirement being that the processed data must be relevant for the purpose (that is the prevention and detection of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour, to reduce the opportunity to commit crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour and the apprehension and prosecution of offenders) and be lawful and legitimate. We share this with our members via a secure, individually password protected intranet, free as part of our membership. The intranet allows our Partnerships to have strict data retention policies for all offenders, and members must self-certify every 3 months to keep business data current.

If you require any further information about how Safer London manages its intelligence in accordance with the Data Protection rules, please see useful documents on our local intranet sites or contact a member of Safer London staff.