The benefits of joining the Safer London Business Partnership

By joining a Partnership in your borough your business will become part of a wider partnership network, all working together to make your area flourish, safe from crime.

For just £10 a week you benefit from the following services provided by the Safer London Business Partnership:

A free digital radio handset and access to a radio network that connects you to other businesses to share real-time information quickly and efficiently. This radio is also monitored by local police officers and CCTV suites. You will also receive advance warning of criminals who may be operating in your area. Full training is given on the use of the radio. In the event of a major incident, your radio will allow you to continue to communicate across your area, even if the phone network is down - an important contribution to your business continuity plans.

Your business will benefit from radio communication with the police and where available, the CCTV control centre used to identify and crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour in the city. Use of the digital radio network has produced significant results in reducing crime over the past year, resulting in over 100 arrests for various offences including anti-social behaviour, theft, fraud, violence, drink and drug related activity and other business crime.

Access to a secure, individually password-protected intranet where you can get details and photographs of persistent offenders collated into galleries by type of offence. You can also inform us of low-level anti-social behaviour allowing the BCRP and local police team to deal swiftly with the concerns that you raise.

Instant communication of key alerts, public order events and crime prevention messages to help protect your business.

The Safer London Business Partnership holds an Information Sharing Agreement with the Metropolitan Police Service [MPS] allowing them to share confidential information and intelligence of known criminals operating in your area.

Free training, so that your staff can feel confident that they are safe and well informed about how to deal with any anti-social or violent behaviour they might encounter.

If you are licensed premises, joining the Safer London Business Partnership can also help you meet your legal obligations to contribute to reducing crime and disorder in and around your premises.

Free information and advice from BCRP staff, all with a community safety and police backgrounds