LSDC Offer a Free Trial Membership to Safer London Members

Safer London would like to thank London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) for sharing with us an opportunity for Safer London members to participate in the LDSC trial Membership Scheme.

LDSC is a not for profit organisation founded by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). LDSC’s aim is to protect businesses while they operate within the digital world and be there to offer support as they grow. In 2017, LDSC are launching a programme of scheduled activities. The program will include:


LDSC: Membership Scheme – April 2017

  • Free membership providing members with an assessment of the businesses digital security system. This membership will provide the business with access to advice, alerts regarding the latest threats and training for staff members.


LDSC: ‘In The Community’ – April 2017

  • LDSC will embark on a continuous programme where they will engage with businesses within their place of work and hold workshops and events based around digital security. to This will further their knowledge and ensure that they are protected against the threat that the digital world can possess.


LDSC will be trialing the free membership in March 2017, whereby members will be provided with an initial assessment of their digital security needs. LDSC will review the responses from the assessment and provide relevant tips and guidance, as well as awareness videos that will educate members on self-protection.


LDSC will then recommend a number of technical controls that will strengthen member’s digital security and enable them to be protected against common threats. Finally, members will be invited to workshops held across London, focusing on criminal threats and online vulnerabilities.


LDSC would like to offer a number of places to willing Safer London members. The scheme is provided on a first come first serve basis. To get in touch with LDSC, contact: To qualify for a place, businesses should be based within London and employ less than 250 members of staff.


Safer London believes this is a great opportunity for SME businesses and hopes member businesses see a benefit in signing up to the free trial.