Southwark Safe Business Partnership

Southwark is a dynamic and diverse borough, occupying a large area of South London.  Home to world famous attractions such as The Shard, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and Borough Market, all of which draw crowds from home and away. Moving further South, Peckham’s Vibrant Rye Lane and Stirling Prize winning Peckham Library are an everyday stop for the local community.

With over 300 different languages spoken, varying cultures, things to do and historic sites to see there is no question that Southwark is home to a multiple range of shops, pubs, clubs and restaurants, catering for all.

Like any thriving area, the large crowds attract certain types of crime, including shoplifting, theft and drug related activities. Understanding the reasons behind these crimes and the perception of crime in the area is a key driver in reducing these numbers.

Working for the business community, the Business Crime Reduction Partnership in Southwark, uniquely named “Southwark Safe”, is working alongside local businesses, Business Improvement Districts, the Metropolitan Police and Southwark Council to share information and real time communications to prevent crime and disorder which affect businesses, their customers and the communities they trade in. By proactively joining this scheme, businesses are take ownership in helping the fight against crime. 

Southwark Safe News

London, UK – The London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) will work alongside the Safer London Business Partnership and the Metropolitan Police this week and next, engaging directly with small to medium sized businesses based in the West End of London, Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham. The programme will take place from Monday 5th – Monday 12th June, to highlight potential vulnerabilities in those business’ digital security. 

Safer London Business Partnership would like to invite its BCRP members and partners to our “Getting a Grip” licensing event. 

Safer London Business Partnership (SLBP) is happy to announce that the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) have launched their Policing and Crime Plan for 2017-2021, and we are included! 

Safer London would like to thank London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) for sharing with us an opportunity for Safer London members to participate in the LDSC trial Membership Scheme.

Safer London would like to share with its members the below information from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) regarding a new campaign to counter terrorism.